Huw Evans

The founder of Sheffield Organic Growers, Huw first planted a 3 acre orchard of soft and top fruit including blackcurrants, gooseberries, tayberries, jostaberries, desert and cooking apples and pears and a whole lot more!

Whilst contemplating how best to manage the rest of the acreage he was reading Rebecca Laughton’s book Surviving and Thriving on the Land. In its conclusion, she suggests the ideal situation for small scale intensive land management would be a group of independent land enterprises sharing skills, knowledge and equipment. Thus the idea to divide the rest of the site into four plots and offer them to rent to enthusiastic growers was born!

Huw supplies his fruit (and sometimes a vegetable crop or two), to the following shops, markets, and bag schemes: Knab Farm Shop, Zeds, Seven Hills Bakery, Nether Edge Farmers Market, Hartleys Fruit Cabin, Hazlehurst CSA, Moss Valley Market Garden and Beanies Wholefoods.

Mob number: 07720564316