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About our Carrots


We grow our organic carrots from late July through till January at our 2 acre market garden, selling them bunched or loose and harvesting them just 1-2 days before delivery to ensure maximum quality, taste, nutrient density and freshness. When not in season on the farm, we source via our wholesaler Organic North from UK farms such as Royal Oak, Newfields and RB Organic, or from Holland, Spain or Italy when in the hungry gap between April and June. Crunch into the crisp texture and sweet flavour of our Organic Carrots, knowing that you are making a mindful choice for your health and the planet. Whether enjoyed raw as a wholesome snack, roasted for a caramelized sweetness, or grated into salads for a burst of color, these carrots are a versatile and nutritious addition to your kitchen. By choosing our Organic Carrots, you are supporting a farming philosophy that values soil health, biodiversity, and the well-being of both consumers and the environment.

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