Moss Valley Market Garden

Moss Valley Market Garden: In 2012, Martin Bradshaw, began transforming a small patch of farmland into what it is today, namely a biodiverse market garden growing an abundance of biodynamic food!

With the help of my business partner, James Ford, and our small but dedicated team, we are playing our part in changing the way food is grown and distributed. We practice biodynamics which is the world's oldest system of organic farming.

We use purely natural growing techniques and follow the rhythms of nature to ensure that the produce is brimming with health and vitality. We strive to support nature, regenerate the soil and increase biodiversity.

For us agriculture is a sacred endeavour, and the foundation for all our well-being.

All of our market garden produce is Demeter registered as fully organic and biodynamic. Our Veg Bag Scheme is registered as fully organic with the Biodynamic Association -

Mob number: 07890558098