Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything in the bag Organic?

Yes all fruit and vegetable contents is 100% Organic certified and completely traceable. We do offer local honey, that because of where the bees are roaming can’t be certified as organic, this is stated in the product description. Any produce we can't supply from the site we buy from local organic wholesalers or other certified growers.

What do I do if I need to stop my bag?

You can either contact us directly at or log in to your boxmaster account where you can set your bag to stop for the weeks you are away. The bag then re-starts from the dates you select and you are only charged when a bag is delivered (direct debit is completly linked to bags delivered for the week).

Can I choose what's in the box?

Our standard boxes usually consist of three staple, carrots, potatoes and onions and whatever is season from the plot. During the winter months we do try to vary the bag with some items from the continent. We offer the ability of customers to exclude up to three items of veg, which we substitute with other items of similar value. You can add preferences to which veg you like so we can try to swap the items you don't like, for the items you do. You can also add extra items of veg from the plot to your bag as well as all the staples, plus eggs! You can choose to have these either as regulars, one-offs or

What happens when I am not in and my bag is delivered?

You can add notes to your order to let us know where you'd like your bag left when not in. We also have pick up points located around the city, so you can collect at your convenience and not have your bag get wet.

Can I add extras to my order, why haven't they been delivered yet?

You can log in to your account and click the 'edit my order' button, then the 'add new items' button in the preferences menu, your then taken to our online shop where you can add extra items such as fruit juice, honey or eggs and select the frequency of delivery for each item of your choosing. We operate a order cut-off point of Saturday 5am for all new orders or addtions, so you may have to wait till your next delivery for your new additions (our wholesaler requires or order to be placed by then).